Andrzej Korbecki Duchacy Iwo Odrowąż Jan Długosz Kanonicy de Saxia Konopka Przebieczany reformy józefińskie Trąbki
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Artur Karpacz



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The oldest mention of Biskupice dates back to 1220, when the Bishop of Cracow Iwo Odrowąż gave the village to the monastery of the Holy Spirit in Cracow, which kept it as an endowments until the dissolution of the order in 1783. In 1455, at the request of Cardinal Zbigniew Oleśnicki, king Casimir Jagiello transferred the village from Polish to Magdeburg law. Jan Długosz in the Liber beneficiorum dioecesis Cracoviensis stated that in the seventies of that century Biskupice was the property of the cathedral. During the partitions, the local property changed owners several times, belonging to the Korbecki, Zakrzewski, Konopków or Mieroszewski family. During the Galician slaughter of 1846, the enraged people plundered the noble court in the village.

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