Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Kasinka Mała

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Maria Działo

History of work

On August 1, 1911, Father Władysław Bączyński settled in the old manor house in Kasinka Mała and began preparations for the construction of the church. He hired two foremen for the job: Jan Hołuj from Myślenice and Józef Wacławik from Mszana Dolna. The project was based on the work of the architect Jan Sasa-Zubrzycki from Kraków. The stones from Droginia and Lubnia as well as bricks from the municipal brickworks in Żywiec were used for the construction. On July 7, 1912, the dean of Mszana Dolna, Father Wincenty Jankowski, consecrated the foundation stone. At the same time, the construction of the presbytery, whose plan was drawn up by father Bączyński himself, was being worked on. This work was completed almost entirely in autumn 1913 (the presbytery was already roofed, one room and one kitchen were ready). The works in the church were progressing fast as well. The building was already vaulted, covered with tiles, most of the flooring was laid and windows made by Wojciech Kaim from Limanowa were fitted. Father Bączyński also prepared a provisional altar. As a result, Dean Szymon Kumorek from Tymbark was able to consecrate the church in November 1913. The consecration was carried out by Bishop Edward Komar on June 8, 1923. Bells founded by Father Bączyński were confiscated by the army during the First World War. The next bells met with a similar fate during the next World War. Those that are currently in the church were founded by the parishioners in 1974. These bells were made by Jan Felczyński's company from Przemyśl. On 6 July 1975, they were consecrated by Bishop Jan Pietraszka and given the following names: Maria, Stanisław Kostka and Maksymilian Maria. In 1916, the sculptor Władysław Druciak was brought to Kasinka Mała to make altars, a pulpit, a sideboard for the sacristy and to paint the church. Unfortunately, one of the altars burnt down on 15 December 1933 (the altar of Our Lady of the Rosary). In the aftermath of the fire, the church needed to be repainted. The works were done by the painter Łukasz Karwowski accompanied by a local assistant, Bernard Wietrzyk. In 1938, the church was equipped with an organ, which was purchased in Stefan Truszczyński's company in Włocławek. After the death of Father Bączyński in 1940, Father Julian Łysek became the new parish priest and ordered a new altar of Our Lady of the Rosary in Kraków to commemorate the graces that the parish received from the Mother of God during the Second World War. The remaining altars and baptismal font were designed by Stanisław Ciężadlik from Mszana Dolna. In 1962, Franciszek Pyrz founded the Stations of the Cross, which were also made by Ciężadlik. The artist had also created two sculpted confessionals (the first one was founded by Bronisława Łapanowa in 1963, the second – by parishioners). In 1988, the church was repainted again. The polychrome was made by Marta Żurowska, Teresa Świeżanka-Klimecka, Jan Augustynek and Jan Stopczyński who decorated the walls with images of saints and blessed: Queen Jadwiga, Brother Albert, Karolina Kózka and Rafał Kalinowski. In 2003, grate separating the interior of the temple from the vestibule was installed.


The church was built in 1912-1913, according to the design of Jan Sas-Zubrzycki (1860-1935), an architect from Cracow. The church is an example of one of the lesser-known works of art from the late period of the artist's creative career. It was made in the Neo-Gothic style with a large dose of neo-romanesque and even neo-renaissance elements (entrance portal). The invocation of the church refers to the annual processions that the inhabitants of Kasinka Mała held on the day of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Mszana Dolna in the intention of building a church in their village. The interior of the church is adorned with a high altar and a pulpit made in the Neo-Gothic style by Władysław Druciak in 1916 and the altar of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus by this artist, altars of Divine Mercy and Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane made by Stanisław Ciężadlik as well as the altar of Our Lady of the Rosary made by Wojciech Maciejowski from Cracow. Today there are bells in the church which were funded by parishioners in 1974. They were made by the company of Jan Felczyński from Przemyśl and consecrated on 6 July 1975 by Bishop Jan Pietraszko, who gave them the following names: Maria, Stanislaus Kostka and Maksymilian Maria. In the temple, there is also one of the first paintings of Merciful Jesus painted by Adolf Hyła.

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