(Left) Northern side altar

Assumption of Mary parish in Wola Radziszowska
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Justyna Kuska


The altar in question, together with the twin reredos under the invocation of Saint Anne, was probably created in 1636, as evidenced by the inscription in the painting showing the Adoration of the Shepherds in a predella of the reredos dedicated to Saint Anne. Both altars were built at the same time and were made by the same wood carving workshop, probably in Lesser Poland. The works represent a type of mannerist altar, which, in addition to the use of northern ornamentation (ornaments: auricular style and ferrule) was characterised by the form taking the shape of an aedicula, i.e. a chapel or niche surrounded by a pair of columns flanking the title representation and supporting an extensive altar finial housing the painting enclosed by statues of saints. The whole structure was sometimes crowned with a carved statue placed on top of the altar.

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