Church of Madonna of Częstochowa

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Agata Felczyńska

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The church of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven was built in 1771 for the parish of Niegowić near Bochnia. It was moved to Mętkowo in the years 1972-1974. In 1978 the artist Zygmunt Wirgiliusz from Cracow made a polychrome of the interior. In 1983 electric heating was installed, and in 2013 the roof was renovated and the ceiling insulated. Since 2009, conservation works have been carried out in the interior of the church.


The church was built in 1771 for the parish Niegowić near Bochnia. It was funded by Teresa (née Sędzimir) Grzębska and was officially named as the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Over the period of 1972-1974 it was being moved to Mętków, and its reconstruction was performed by the Highlanders from Spiš (Spisz). Three altars of the second half of the 18th century, as well as the left-side-altar renaissance painting of Virgin and Child with Saint Anne (made in tempera technique on the board), deserve to be valued. The late baroque pulpit and baptismal font, as well as the antique Stations of the Cross (the first half of the 19th century) hanging on the walls, may be viewed in the chancel.

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