Sculpture of St. Paul

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Maria Działo


The sculpture together with the whole altar was made by Władysław Druciak (1874-1923) in 1916. The author of the work was born in Krościenko on the Dunajec river, where he graduated from primary school, and received his professional education at the School of Wood Industry in Zakopane - in the department of ornamental sculpture. His teacher was Kazimierz Wakulski, a conservator of many medieval sculptures, including sculptures from the altar of Wit Stwosz in St. Mary's Church in Cracow. The experience of the master was also important since it impacted the young sculptor. His work is considered a part of historicism of sacral sculpture of early 20th century. He was an excellent handyman, fluent in workshop works, who processed well-known works of other artists. The sculpture depicts St. Paul, who is portrayed in a traditional iconographic way, i.e. with such attributes as: the sword with which he was beheaded and the book symbolising his participation in the apostolic mission.

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