St. Anthony of Padua

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Justyna Kuska


The painting of Saint Anthony of Padua is a work of unknown origin and authorship. It was probably created in the 18th century, probably in the workshop of one of painters form Lesser Poland. The work was first mentioned in an inventory of the church in Paczółtowice, recorded in 1833. In 1851, the painting was renovated by the painter and gilder Wojciech Dembowski and probably placed on a sliding panel of the altar of Saint Joseph. At that time, the painting was cropped, reframed and its background was repainted. The changes made at that time were removed during the restoration of the work in 1996 by Małgorzata Schuster-Gawłowska. The painting shows Saint Anthony in accordance with the traditional iconography, i.e. in a brown Franciscan habit with attributes in the form of a white lily flower and Baby Jesus sitting on a book.

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