High altar

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Paulina Kluz


The high altar was probably built before 1748, together with all the furnishings, is attributed to Kornecki workshop (Piotr Kornecki established a sculpture workshop in Gdów in the 1740s). During the preservation in 1976-1979, the structure was extended with a massive broken pediment and an altar finial with the painting of St. Stanislaus instead of radiant aureole which was moved to the upper part. The original architecture of the reredos referred to the type of altars of Berninini's origin – with a radiant aureole filling the space of entablature and altar finial, created by Baltazar Fontana and the epigone of his works - Antoni Frączkiewicz, whose follower was Piotr Kornecki. This type of altar's structure was very common in Lesser Poland and Moravia in the 18th century.

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