Altar in Our Lady of Sorrows' Chapel

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Maria Działo


The altar was built shortly after the erection of the chapel under the invocation of Our Lady of Sorrows, i.e. around 1728. The carved Pietà, currently located on the high altar, originally was placed in the main area. Unfortunately, the attribution of sculptures placed on the altar of a provincial character is unknown. The iconography of the altar is entirely devoted to the theme of the Passion of Christ which is presented mainly by crucifix placed in the main area (originally also the Pietà - sculpture), as well as sculptures of angels and angels with arma Christi in the hands, saints associated with the Passion of Christ, i.e. St. Mary Magdalene and St. Veronica. The heart punctured by sword, located in the part of entablature refers to the chapel's invocation of the Our Lady of Sorrows.

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