Epitaph plaque of Andrzej Werbski

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Paulina Kluz


The epitaph plaque of Andrzej Werbski was created around 1666 by his wife Magdalena Lyszkowska. The epitaph plaque takes on a typical for the time of its creation form of a plate adorned with volutes, with extending framings, a cartouche of arms and a portrait of the deceased, probably painted in oil on a metal sheet (not preserved). The epitaph plaques, created from the second to the fourth quarter of the 17th century in Cracow and its surroundings (Staniątki, Wolbrom, Spytkowiece), had a similar form.

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Paulina Kluz, "Epitaph plaque of Andrzej Werbski", [in:] "The Sacred Lesser Poland Heritage", 2023, source:  https://sdm.upjp2.edu.pl/en/works/epitaph-plaque-of-andrzej-werbski

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