Wall polychrome

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Paulina Kluz


As the inscription under the music choir indicates, the church was repainted by Michał Tarczałowicz of Bochnia in 1903. The polychrome in the church in Łapanów is the effect of an eclectic combination of several ways and types of interior decoration, primarily polychrome imitating illusionist architecture, complemented by figural scenes and geometric decorations. The Łapanów polychrome is very similar to the paint layer of the church in Grabie, made by Tarczałowicz a few years later (1907).

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Paulina Kluz, "Wall polychrome", [in:] "The Sacred Lesser Poland Heritage", 2024, source:  https://sdm.upjp2.edu.pl/en/works/wall-polychrome-7

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