St. Martin's Church in Marcyporęba

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Maria Działo

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The first church in Marcyporęba was mentioned in 1335. The present one dates back to 1670 and is built in the place of the previous one. The temple was consecrated in 1677. According to the visitation records from 1679, there were three altars in the church at that time. The visitation records from 1708-1709 mentioned four altars: the high altar with the image of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven, the second one of the Blessed Virgin Mary (unconsecrated), the third one of St. Martin and the fourth one of Our Lady of the Scapular (unconsecrated). A similar list of altars was given in the visitation records from 1729: "Altaria: 1imum maius antiqua structura consecratum cujus Imago principalis B. ascenditur tribus gradibus ligneis. 2dum in Majoris Choro à par te dextra Beatissima absq Portatili. 3tium à parte sinistra absq Portatili, Sparsim deauratum S. Martini. 4tum in Capella (?) cum Portatili partim deauratum, cujus Imago Principalis Beatissima Virginis Maria de Monte Carmelo, ascenditur duetus gradibus ligneis”. In 1748, five altars were mentioned, including one of St. John Cantius and one of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the painting of St. Anthony. Currently, the temple is decorated with three Rococo altars and a pulpit, probably made by anonymous helper of Antoni Gegenbauer, as well as one classicist altar from the first half of the 19th century.

The church was renovated in 1831 and 1872, when a side chapel and a storage room were added. In the 19th century, the Baum family often repaired the temple, as noted in the parish chronicle: "In 1857, renovations began near the J.W. church. Mr Baron Baum took over the company and the morgue on the north side was renovated as well as the church shingled on that side – [?] near the church, well of the depth of more than 30 elbows was lined with new [?] i.e. it was cased. A new coach house with a wooden granary was built, the parsonage was covered with shingles, all this cost 1655 [?] 38 [?] W. A.: the competition made it, and W. Mr Baron Baum signed it off". Then, from the foundation of Józef Kalasanty Gorczyński, a bell tower was built in the 19th century. In 1913 the church was decorated with new Stations of the Cross. In the parish chronicle it is said: "1913. The new Stations of the Cross painted by Jan Stankiewicz from Oświęcim were solemnly consecrated and introduced by Zygmunt Janicki from Cracow, on March 16 on the Palm Sunday". Then, in 1937, Marian Giebułtowski from Oświęcim made the polychrome of the church. During the renovation in the years 1976-1980 the tower was added and the ceiling was supplemented with coffers. In 1979-1982, the roof and ceilings were replaced.


The Church of Saint Martin in Marcyporęba was built in 1670 – at a time when church construction came to life on the wave of Catholicism's renewal as a result of counter-reformation and after the wave of destruction caused by hostilities. The horizontal plane remained traditional, divided into a square nave and multi-sided chancel. The temple was consecrated in 1677. Inside, two valuable portals have survived: mannerist, richly decorated, and another of a "stepped" type referring to "Długoszowski". Currently, the church is decorated with three Rococo altars and a pulpit, probably made by anonymous helper of Antoni Gegenbaur, as well as one classicist altar from the first half of the 19th century. The high altar contains, among others, the image of the Assumed Virgin Mary from the second half of the 17th century. The most valuable monuments of the church are also: a gothic crucifix from the 15th century and a stone baptismal font from 1545.

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