St. Martin's Church

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Agata Felczyńska

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The first church erected in the village was mentioned in the years 1325-1327. In the visitation records from 1746 it is stated that the church had four altars: the main altar with the image of Crucifixion of Jesus and side altars: of Our Lady of the Rosary, St. Anne and St. Valentine, a pulpit, a baptismal font and one confessional. The present temple dates back to 1762 and was built from the foundation of Franciszek Szwarzenberg-Czerny, Castellan of Wojnice. It was consecrated in 1782 by bishop Krzysztof Szembek and had five altars. The church was extended after 1898 according to the design of architect Zygmunt Hendel. In 1913 the sacristy was covered with a new tin roof. In 1923, the church was painted by the artist Marian Giebułtowski, and in 1930 a new organ was bought from the Rieger brothers. In 1948, the roof was repaired, the church was electrified, the tower was renovated, the walls were painted and two furnaces were installed. In 1950, additional doors were installed, the area around the church was lowered to reveal the foundations and dry the building, and the renovation of the women's gallery and the treasury began. In the following years the roof tiles and doors to the sacristy were replaced, and the first four stained glass windows were made according to the design of the artist Tadeusz Korpal from Cracow. In 1954, the polychrome, altars and pews were renovated and a niche for the figure of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception was carved in the elevation of the tower. More stained glass windows were installed in 1955 and 1957. In 1958, installation of central heating began. In 1961 new steps were made at the main altar, in 1965 the church was plastered and in the following year the tower and the ridge turret were renovated. The wooden panelling was completed in 1970, while the pewws and the confessional were renovated a year later. In 1986, two chandeliers were purchased, and in 1989, the renovation of the tower, ridge turret, elevation and roofs began; a cross with a sphere was mounted at the top of the tower, in 1992 the roofs were painted, and in 1995 new pews were purchased.


The St. Martin's Church in Poręba Żegoty was erected in 1762, as a foundation of Franciszek Szwarcenberg-Czerny, and extended according to the design of Zygmunt Hendel in 1898. Its appearance is based on the plan of a church built a little earlier (1747-1750) in Inwałd. The most valuable articles of interior furnishings include two black marble altars built in the years around 1752-1756 (according to the designs of Franciszek Placidi), transferred from the Wawel Cathedral, a rococo high altar and a neo-gothic baptismal font.

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