St. Anne's Church

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Agata Felczyńska

History of work

Since 1786 (1770 or 1777) there has been a wooden church in Chyżne dating back to 1627, which was moved here from Lipnica Wielka. In 1900-1903 a new brick church was built on its place, which was consecrated in the year of the completion of the construction works and consecrated in 1912 or 1923. It was severely damaged during World War II – mainly the chancel, the roof, the coping, the loft and some pieces of furnishings were affected. Some renovation works were carried out in 1942. In 1946 the temple was taken over by the Carmelite Order which began to renovate the new facility. It was decided to electrify the church, and, in 1960, new church organs were set up. In 1966 the roof was improved and the polychrome of the interior was renovated. A year later the external elevation and windows were renovated.


The St. Anne's Church in Chyżne was built during the years 1900-1903. The body was designed in the Neo-Romanesque style. In contrast, all the furnishings of the interior that emerged during the years of construction of the church, present the Neo-Gothic style and most probably were made in in one of Tyrolean workshops.

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