Church of the St. Simon and Jude the Apostles

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Agata Felczyńska

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Skawina was established in 1364 by King Casimir the Great. The first parish church was built here in the second half of the 14th century – it was given the invocation of the Holy Spirit, Mary and The Holy Apostles Simon and Jude. Between 1470 and 1480 Jan Długosz described it as built of stone in "Liber beneficiorum dioecesis Cracoviensis". In the middle of the 17th century it was a single-nave building with a chancel in the east and a tower in the west. In 1655 Jan Lipnicus Kuderski funded the side chapel of the Divine Mercy, which was built on the north side of the nave. - In 1662 the church was furnished with seven altars. It was rebuilt twice: the first time in 1720 after the fire of 1704 and in 1728 it was consecrated, the second time in 1826 after the fire of 1815 from the funds of duchess Ludwika Szeptycka. It was then that the church was left with a shortened invocation of Simon and Jude the Apostles. Around 1902 the church tower was elevated according to Władysław Ekielski's project, and in the years 1937-1938, under the direction of the builder Maciej Kurlit, side naves were added and opened with arcades to the main nave. In 1923 the altars were renovated and four additional windows were made. In the 20th century, a portico and a chapel were added to the tower. In the years 1968-1969 Maciej Makarewicz made a polychrome of the church interior, and in the years 1978-1980 the temple was renovated – the roof structure, the roofing, stairs on the tower, etc. were rebuilt. In 1988 the interior was covered with the polychrome designed by J(?) Giebułtowski. In 2012, conservation works involved the high altar and two side altars, as well as painting a new polychrome in the nave and the chancel.


The church was rebuilt for the first time in 1720 after the fire of 1704 and was consecrated in 1728, and subsequently in 1826 after the fire of 1815. Around 1902, the tower was raised, the side naves were built in 1937-1938, and after 1938, the portico and chapels at the tower were annexed. At present it is a structure of eclectic features. May furnishings date back to 1826 and the only remaining pre-fire elements are a piece of the 18th-century polychrome and the gothic sacristy-related portal, along with the door.

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