The painting of Father Władysław Bączyński

Detailed dimensions
Height without frame – 51 cm
Width without frame – 40 cm
Catalogue note author
Maria Działo


The portrait depicts Władysław Bączyński, the first parish priest in Kasinka Mała, acting from 1 August 1911 to 7 September 1940. The parish priest was not only a shepherd of souls but, above all, a builder of the church and rectory. Works that were carried out at construction yards were nearly finished already in 1913. The priest, who did a lot for the parish, died on 7 September 1940 at the age of 65. Thus, the painting is a posthumous portrait that was made to commemorate the service of the first parish priest. The author of the portrait is Stanisław Ciężadlik, an artist from Mszana Dolna, who made also a range of other works in Kasinka Mała, e.g. designs of altars, a baptismal font, Stations of the Cross and confessionals as well as another portrait depicting father Andrzej Braś.

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