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Maria Działo


The side altar of St. Francis of Assisi in the Monastery of Reformed Fathers in Wieliczka was created after the church fire in 1718. Before the date of its consecration (1721), it was created along with the other altars located in the temple. It represents the aedicula type – i.e. a single-story, uniaxial structure placed on a pair of supports supporting broken entablature, along with an altar finial – typical of the 18th century. The work in question was built from the foundation of the Cholew family from Wieliczka. In the main area of the altar there is a painting "Stigmatization of St. Francis" from 1730. Particularly noteworthy are: a painted antependium and a painting of St. Clara made in 1809 by Michał Stachowicz, a Polish painter and graphic artist of the Romantic era. The altar was built by artisans: Modest Gronalewicz, Beniamin Groński, Faustyn Gawlikowski and Maksym Ptaszkowski- employed at the construction of the burnt temple.

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