Right side altar

Holy Cross parish in Łazany
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Justyna Kuska


The side altars, constituting a pair, were made at the time when Józef Świeradowski (1724-1742) was a parish priest. Świeradowski commissioned a new high altar (currently non-existent) and two side altars in a chancel area for the temple in Łazany. The main reredos, which is non-existent today, and two side altars are late baroque works with forms inspired partially by the high altar by Baltazar Fontana in St. Anne's Collegiate Church in Cracow. In Łazany, the high altar was replaced with a neo-gothic one in 1892, and the side altars were renovated in 1897. The radiant aureoles in the altar finals of both reredoses were replaces then with neo-baroque structures containing paintings by Franciszek Olesiński. From the St. Anne's altar concerned, the old paitning of "Virgin and Child with Saint Anne" was removed and replaced with a new one concerning the same theme, also by Olesiński. The painting of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus was put on the sliding panel.

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