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Holy Cross parish in Łazany
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Justyna Kuska


The date of creation of the discussed architectural elements of the church in Łazany corresponds roughly to the time when construction of the current temple was finished, i.e. they were created at the end of the 16th century. The building and its architectural detail in terms of style are a combination of late gothic, renaissance and mannerist features. The ceiling keystones in question with the Drużyna coat of arms and the initials „S(ebastian) L(ubomirski)” referring to the funder of the church - Sebastian Lubomirski, and the consoles decorated with the motif of human heads, take on late gothic forms. The console in the canopy of the chancel arcade with the Drużyna coat of arms and the initials „S(ebastian) L(ubomirski)” takes on a modern form (cartouche decorated with a scrollwork motif). According to Bogusław Krasnowolski, two sculpture workshop operated at the church in Łazany. The first was in medieval style, the second drew on new patterns, inspired by the activities of Jan Michałowicz from Urzędów or Santi Gucci.

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