The Church of The Most Holy Virgin Mary in Będkowice

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Maria Działo


The Church of The Most Holy Virgin Mary, the Queen in Będkowice is an interesting temple built of a local, white limestone sett consisting of numerous fossils. The temple was built in 1938-1939. The small church was built in Neo-Romanesque style. Before entering the temple, it is worth paying attention to the statue placed in the top of the facade. This is a sculpture depicting Pensive Christ. Inside the church, there are modern furnishings (mainly) from the mid-20th century. A high altar, made in the third quarter of the 20th century by Ludwik Jurga of Zabierze, is located in the chancel. Plaquettes, decorating the altar with scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary, were carved by Władysław Kozyra from the White Church. Particularly interesting is the painting from 1935, depicting the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, made by Stanisław Ciężadlik. This image directly refers to the work of Pompeo Batoni from the Church of Il Gesù in Rome. The author of the painting in Będkowice is an artist from Mszana Dolna, whose numerous works are placed in the furnishings of the churches from Lesser Poland. The artist created designs of altars, baptismal fonts, stations of the cross and confessionals. He also made portraits, which constituted one of the main branches of his work.

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