St. Valentine

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The painting was created in 1809, as evidenced by records in the chronicles of the Wieliczka monastery and the artist's signature placed in the lower part of the composition, on St. Valentine's maniple. The author of the painting is Michał Stachowicz (1768-1825) of Cracow, who also created a series of other works for the monastery, such as the antepedia and paintings of "St. Clare", "St. Peter of Alcantara", "St. John Cantius" and others. The painting of St. Valentine was placed in the finial of the side altar of St. Kinga of Poland (originally the painting of Saint Casimir). The saint depicted in the painting died around the year 269 as a Roman martyr beheaded during the Christian persecutions ordered by emperor Claudius Gothicus. In Poland, the saint is worshipped as a patron aiding in different ailments (plague, epilepsy, gout and neuroses). In iconography, he is often depicted in a clerical or a bishop's vestment, with a boy whom he healed.

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