St. John Cantius

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Maria Działo


The painting was created in 1809, as evidenced by records in the chronicle of the monastery in Wieliczka. The author of the painting is Michał Stachowicz (1768-1825) of Cracow, who also created a series of other works for the monastery, such as the antepedia and paintings of "St. Clare", "St. Peter of Alcantara", "St. Valentine" and others. The painting of St. John Cantius was placed in the finial of the side altar of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1809. Saint John Cantius (1390-1473) presented in the painting was a lecturer at Cracow University, which is why he is usually portrayed in his professorial toga. The Saint was known for his charitable deeds. He is the patron saint of Poland, the Cracow archdiocese, the city of Cracow, professors and the youth. The crucifix he is holding in his hands and the white lily refer to his life in chastity.

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