St. Clare

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Maria Działo


The painting of St. Clare was created as an element of the new painting decoration for the baroque altar, along with a painting depicting the stigmatization of St. Francis (1807) and the antepedium with the Franciscan emblem (1809) created by Michał Stachowicz. The painting was created in 1809, as evidenced by records in the chronicle of the monastery in Wieliczka. Presented in the centre of the composition, Saint Clare (1194-1253) was the founder of the first female order of St. Francis, who had given her the monastic habit in 1212. The newly founded order took the name of Poor Clares, after its founder's name. A monstrance in St. Clara's hand, relates to the legend according to which during the attack of Saracens against Assisi in 1233, the saint was to meet them and repel the invasion, holding the Blessed Sacrament in her hands.

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