St. Anne's Parish Church in Stryszawa

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Agata Felczyńska

History of work

The church was built initially as a cemetery chapel in the years 1892-1894 on the initiative of Michał Trzop, the host from Roztoki, with the support of the Branicki family and the parish priest in Sucha. The building plan was selected from the religious building catalog approved by Austria governing this area. Construction began in 1892. In the first two years walls were built and carpentry works, sheet metal for roofs and tiles were paid for. In 1894, finishing works were carried out, as evidenced by the amounts spent, among others for window glass, stone for the floor, cornice sheet, door locks and sacristy dresser. In 1894, the high altar was made and assembled, and a deposit was paid for the side altar. In the years 1894-1896 side altars were paid, and in 1896 Tomasz Fall made organs. The church was consecrated in 1897 by Cardinal Jan Puzyna. In 1925, the builder Merenda from Podgórze in Cracow renovated the church tower, rebuilt the wooden loft into a brick one, and also renovated the pillars and repainted interior of the church. In 1948, Wincenty Matysa from Lachowice rebuilt the entrance to the loft. In 1949-1950 the church was painted and in 1955 electrified, two years later a tower clock was purchased. In 1958, stained glass panes were set in the windows adjacent to the high altar. Their design was prepared by professor Karwowski from Cracow and carried out by Paczków from Podgórze. In 1967, the windows in the nave were replaced with stained glass windows. In 1969, a second door was fitted to minimize heat loss. A year later, the paintings at the bottom of the church were renovated. In 1971 a conciliar altar was erected, it was made by Mr. Kladoń from Maków. In 1980-2000 a heating plant was established, marble floors were laid, and the artist Jacek Konarski from Krzeszowice performed a new polychrome. The maintenance of the altars, pulpit and roof truss as well as the general renovation of the organs were also carried out. In 2005, new pews were made, four confessionals were moved to the warehouse, and were replaced by two new ones .


The church in Stryszawa of Saint Anne was built in 1892-1894 and was consecrated in 1897. It was created on the initiative of a resident Michał Trzop with the support of the Branicki family and the parish priest of the church in the neighbouring village of Sucha. It was designed in the neo-Gothic style, including the interior furnishings. Three neo-gothic altars in the chancel and main nave were carved by Stanisław Jarząbek from Kęty, the altar in the side chapel was made by local sculptors Ignacy Szklarczyk and Franciszek Laśniak. Tomasz Fall prepared the organs stylistically adapted for these furnishings. The statuette of the Risen Christ and the Stations of the Cross were brought from Tyrol, where thriving manufacturing centres of church furnishings housed in the 19th century.

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