Epitaph plaque of Ignacy Rafał Czerwiakowski

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Józef Skrabski


The epitaph plaque of Ignacy Rafał Czerwiakowski, a distinguished botanist, director of the Cracow Botanical Garden and a rector who deceased in 1882, was made of Dębnik marble. It is not excluded that the motif of leaf bunches in a frame, so characteristic of works from the 17th century and created in stone workshops in Dębnik, was deliberately introduced in this work to emphasise the professor's interests and merits.

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Józef Skrabski, "Epitaph plaque of Ignacy Rafał Czerwiakowski", [in:] "The Sacred Lesser Poland Heritage", 2024, source:  https://sdm.upjp2.edu.pl/en/works/epitaph-plaque-of-ignacy-rafal-czerwiakowski

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