Holy Trinity Church

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Agata Felczyńska

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The church in Przytkowice was first mentioned in 1345. In the 15th, 16th, and 18th centuries, new wooden churches were built in the village. The last one, dating back to 1733, was moved to Skawinki in the year of completion of the new and first brick church. The current building was erected in 1948-1953 according to the plans of architect Otto Fedak from Oświęcim and with corrections of Józef Jamróz from Krakow, while the temple was consecrated on 31 May 1953 by bishop Franciszek Jop. In 1960, the interior polychrome was made by an artist from Krakow, Jadwiga Remer. In the 1980s, the roof was tiled, a marble floor was laid in the chancel, a communion step was made and the walls were covered with wooden panelling.


The neo-romanesque church in Przytkowice was built in 1948-1953. Otto Fedak - architect of the temple from Oświęcim - was also the author of the design of churc in Tenczyn. The most valuable monument of the church is the high altar from 17th century that constituted the side altar of the former temple. Polychrome was designed by Jadwiga Rymar from Cracow.

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