High altar

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Maria Działo


The high altar, along with sculptural decoration, was probably made during the ministration of father Barna around 1693-1705. There is a carved Pietà in the altar's area, and a painting of St. John the Baptist on a sliding panel. Above the altar there is a medallion with a carved St. John the Baptist's head of on a plate. In lateral axes, shallow niches house statues of St. Adalbert on the left side and St. Stanislaus on the right side. In the second tier there is a painting of the Virgin Mary and the Child. The tier is flanked by sculptures of St. Barbara on the left side and St. Catherine of Alexandria on the right side. On the other hand, on the axis of extreme columns, behind the pediments, there is a second pair of two, probably Hungarian, saints. Doors of the gates are decorated with painted representations of St. Peter on the left side and St. Paul on the right side. Above the gates, on pedestals, there are statues of St. Stephen on the left side and St. Ladislaus on the right side. An interesting depiction is also located on the reverse of the altar, where there is a painting depicting St. Mary Magdalene.

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