High altar

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Maria Działo


The high altar and two side altars were ordered and funded by father Michał Bochenek, the parish priest of the parish in Krzeszów in 1900-1945, right after the new church was built in 1903, in the sculpture workshop of Tyrolean sculptor Ferdinand Stuflesser (1855-1926). Apart from the high altar, there are other works of the sculptor in the church, namely the side altars along with sculpture decoration and reliefs depicting stations of the cross. Stuflesser was running one of the leading sculpture workshops in Gorden that he founded in 1875. The altar was made in neo-gothic style. The main area of the altar includes the relief of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, a patroness of the church. In 1964, a new tabernacle was commissioned for the altar, which was made by Grzegorz Uruszczak from Cracow.

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