Church of the Sending Out of the Holy Apostles in Gruszów

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Paulina Chełmecka

History of work

The history of the parish in Gruszów dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest mentions are preserved in the Peter's pence censuses from the years 1337-1358, where the then chaplain of Gruszów – Więcław – was also mentioned. The existence of the parish in the years 1470-1480 was also confirmed by Jan Długosz in "Liber beneficiorum". At that time, the first, according to Ryszard Brykowski, wooden temple was probably located in the village. The present church, according to Brykowski and Marian Kornecki, was built in the first half of the 16th century, replacing the above-mentioned original building. In the post-visitation protocol of 1597, the first mention of the temple's invocation was made: "Sending the Apostles". Originally, the body of the church was characterized by a single-nave body and a free-standing tower. Over the centuries, the architecture of the temple has undergone several transformations. The most significant of them took place in the 18th century, when a side chapel was added. Extensive renovation work was also carried out between 1919 and 1922. In addition to a thorough renovation, the tower, previously free-standing, was connected to the body of the church and, similarly to the ridge turret, covered with a neo-Gothic tented roof. In 1993, another thorough reconstruction of the church tower took place, as a result of which the neo-Gothic tented roof was removed and a simple tent roof was made. It was probably then that the ridge turret took the form of a finial referring to Baroque lighthouses with a bulbous roof.


The architecture of the 16th century parish church in Gruszów is an interesting example of late Gothic wooden architecture in Lesser Poland. Despite the later transformations and interference in the structure of the building, the temple has retained its original character.

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