Sculpture of St. Stanislaus

Transfiguration of Jesus parish in Maków Podhalański
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Maria Działo


The sculpture was created in the second half of the 18th century. Unfortunately, archival sources do not provide any information about the author of the work. Saint Stanislaus was born about the year 1030 in Szczepanów. He entered in conflict with Bolesław II the Generous and the King ordered to have him killed in 1079. He was a Bishop of Cracow and a martyr. He is one of the main patrons of Poland. In iconography, St. Stanislaus is presented in his bishop's vestment, with a pastoral staff in his hand. Similarly to the sculpture from Maków, he is usually depicted with Piotrowin lying at his feet, as a reference to the legend, according to which the late Piotrowin was resurrected by St. Stanislaus.

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