Our Lady of the Snows

Transfiguration of Jesus parish in Maków Podhalański
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Maria Działo


The painting of Our Lady of the Snows was painted in the 17th century. It is likely that it was initially showcased in the main area of the altar from the church in Maków Podhalański. The piece is a representation derived from the "Salus Populi Romani" painting from the Santa Maria Maggiore basilica in Rome. Due to a miracle which occurred when the basilica was constructed, the painting was named Our Lady of the Snows. This image is inextricably connected with the rosary liturgy propagated by numerous brotherhoods functioning in the Republic. Marian Kornecki distinguished several iconographic variants of Our Lady of the Snows. The painting in Maków Podhalański is classified as the extensive type, as it features angels holding the crown above Virgin Mary's head. This type is not only formally enriched to include additional characters, but it is also ideologically extended, as it depicts May as a Queen. Furthermore, the painting includes winged cherub heads. Apart from Maków Podhalański, this method of enriching the paintings of crowned images of Our Lady of the Snows appeared in Ocieka, Jodłownik and Tomaszów Lubelski. Another noteworthy item is the characteristic tissue Virgin May is holding in her hands. This motif symbolizing motherly care is derived from its Roman original. Unfortunately, archival sources do not reveal the author of the work.

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