High altar

Our Lady of Częstochowa parish in Gorzków
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Maria Działo


The altar was presumably funded in 1914 by priest Władysław Jettmar who personally searched for oaks in the area and asked people to donate them for the altar. The work was created by Styczeń, a Cracovian sculptor (his first name is unknown). The altar was painted and gilded in 1948-1949. Unfortunately, there is little information available on the author of the work. It is known that he also carved a statue of St. Valentine in the church in Konopiska (Częstochowa Poviat), located in the high altar, which was built in the years 1928-1930. Furthermore, Styczeń created the cover to the baptismal font with statues of Christ and Saint John the Baptist in the church in Gorzków. The altar is a typical example of an eclectic reredos, characterised by a simple, one-storey, uniaxial form with a couple of columns on the sides. A crown of thorns twisted around the main area of the altar is an innovative element of decoration.

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