Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

All Saints parish in Zakliczyn
Catalogue note author
Maria Działo


The painting was created in 1775 by an unknown artist to crown the high altar. The painting shows the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a privilege given by God to Mary, under which she was taken to heaven with soul and body after the end of her earthly life. The dogma of the Assumption was not announced until 1 November 1950 by Pope Pius XII in the apostolic constitution "Munificentissimus Deus", but testimony about the end of Mary's life already appeared in patristic testimonies, e.g. in "Panarion" by Epiphanius (4th century). The painting presents a typical way of showing this topic in a two-zone art composition in which Mary is lifted up to heaven by angels in the upper part, and the apostles accompany her in the lower part by an empty stone sarcophagus.

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