Wall polychrome

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Maria Działo


A major part of the wall polychrome in the church in Mszana Dolna was made by Juliusz Makarewicz in 1918-1920. In creating the ornamental decoration in the church in Mszana Dolna, Makarewicz used a flat line and a coloured spot, so the motifs he used were monumental. The inspiration of folk art combined with contemporary art is visible. The author of the depictions of saints in a main nave of the church in Mszana Dolna is a son of master Maciej Makarewicz, who, due to the poor condition of part of the polychrome made by his father, had to paint new depictions. Another paintings depicting St. Cecilia and St. Francis, placed on a wall above the matroneum, were painted by Erwin Czerwenka in 1921.

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