The painting "Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata"

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Maria Działo


The painting "Saint Francis Receiving the Stigmata" was painted in 1730. The painting depicts the episode on Mount of La Verna from 1224, during which St. Francis received stigmas. By composition, the painting refers to fresco of Angiolo di Bondone - called Giotto in Scrovegni Chapel in Padua (around 1275-1299). The painting was placed in the side altar funded by the Cholew family from Wieliczka after 1718. For some time, the painting was covered by another painting with the same theme, created by Cracovian painter Michał Stachowicz in 1807. However, when an older work with the same content from 1730 was discovered during the conservation of the painting - the painting from 1807 was hung on the side wall of the Chapel of Christ Crucified and the 18th century's presentation was left in the main area of the altar.

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