St. Mary Magdalene

Detailed dimensions
Height without frame – 185 cm
Width without frame – 120 cm
Catalogue note author
Paulina Kluz


The painting with the depiction of St. Mary Magdalene was created in the second half of the 17th century. It is a relic of the former altaria in the church of St. Clement in Wieliczka, which was joined together with the All Saints' altar in the 17th century. After dismantling the church of St. Clement in 1786, the painting (and other items of furnishings) was stored in the temple of St. Sebastian, where it has remained intact until today. In Baroque painting, the theme of repentant Mary Magdalene left room for imagination of a beautiful woman in an emotional and expressive pose, whose naked body was covered only by hair or a loose fabric revealing its fragments in a sensual way.

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