St. Hyacinth of Poland and Blessed Ceslaus

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Paulina Kluz


The painting of St. Dominic and Bl. Ceslaus was made in the third quarter of the 18th century by Piotr Kornecki with the intention of crowning the altar. St. Hyacinth of Poland and Blessed Ceslaus originated from the noble family of Odrowąż. Together, they did novitiate at the Dominican Monastery in Bologna. Saint Jack is depicted with a statue of Virgin Mary and a monstrance (in the painting with a pyx), which refers to the episode of his escape from the monastery in Kiev, which was, according to tradition, attacked by the Tatars. Bl. Ceslaus is depicted with an orb of fire, which refers to the legend, according to which he miraculously saved the city of Wrocław from being destroyed by the Tatars in 1241.

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