Holy Kinship and Saint John the Baptist

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Paulina Kluz


In 1601 a fraternity, which was active from 1604, was established at the church of St. Anne's. The painting "Holy Kinship and Saint John the Baptist" (also known as "The Family of Christ") could be created around 1618, as the St. Anne's altar is mentioned in the sources at the time. The painting from Niepołomice is a combination of two iconographic themes, namely, (a) a reduced version of Holy Kinship with (b) Virgin Mary and the Child and Saint John the Baptist. It is close to the works of Cracow guild painters of the period, especially Łukasz Porębski. The painting methods applied in the work, make it possible to attribute its creation to a painter who was active in his circle, most probably in the Cracovian guild.

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