High altar

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist parish in Korzkiew
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Maria Działo


The altar was funded in the second quarter of the 17th century by Aleksander Ługowski, more precisely between 1630 (the altar was not yet recorded in the episcopal visitation) and 1651 (the date of the funder's death). In the main area of the altar there is a picture of the Baptism of Jesus from the time of creation of the altar, while on the sliding panel one can see a painting of Our Lady of Perpetual Help from 1900 (brought from Rome according to oral tradition). The whole altar decor is complemented by sculptural decoration, which also dates from 1630-1651 and an antependium with the depiction of the Heart of Jesus decorated with embroidered glass beads. Decorative elements of the altar that abundantly cover the entire structure also correspond to such dating. The altar is decorated in an auricular style, popular in the first half of the 17th century. The statues of Saint Peter, Saint Paul and three holy bishops at the top of the altar come from the same period. Only the painting "God the Father" in the upper part of the altar comes from the 20th century.

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