High altar

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Justyna Kuska


The parish church in Kamień was built in 1924-1927 according to the design of the Warsaw architect Zdzisław Mączeński. Initially, the furnishings of the temple were made of wooden altars from the temporary chapel demolished in the 1920s. The currently existing set of alabaster altars with neo-Roman features together with the high altar in question, was built in 1937-1939. The altars in question were created by the "Żórawno" Alabaster Product Factory of Żórawno on the Dniester River (currently in Ukraine). This factory created the elements of interior design, including numerous projects of altars, pulpit, candlesticks or balustrades and wall cladding. In the first stage of works, the high altar in question was made, which was ready in autumn 1937. Subsequently, two side altars, a pulpit and a baptismal font were created, as well as a balustrade separating the chancel from the nave (removed in 1979), which were completed in February 1939. Initially, the carved statue of the Mother of God was to be placed in the high altar, but this idea was met with the reluctance of parishioners, so the above-mentioned image of the Mother of God with the Child was placed in the new reredos. The completed furnishings set was consecrated on 8 July 1939.

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