Epitaph plaque of Jan Józef Rygalski

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Józef Skrabski


The epitaph belongs to a group of identical works created in the stonemasonry centre in Dębnik, near Cracow. Five such epitaph plaques were ordered by bishop Franciszek Potkański for the Wawel Cathedral in order to commemorate the dignitaries of distinguished service to the cathedral. In this way, Stanisław Chomentowski, the Voivode of Mazovia (d. in 1728) was honoured in 1786. Identical epitaph plaques – characterised by a rococo form, a subtle drawing, with campanula ornament on the sides and an oval portrait crowned with an undulating cornice – commemorate Stanisław Hieronim Podkański at the Dominican Church in Cracow (around 1780), Ignacy Bieńkowski in the Church in Kije (1793) and father Antoni Żołędziowski (1822-1823) at the St. Anne's Church in Cracow.

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