Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary (painting)

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish in Racławice Olkuskie
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Maria Działo


The painting was probably created together with the foundation of father Andrzej Strzałkowski of the whole altar in the years 1700-1703. The painting illustrates the Dormition of the Virgin Mary - a scene that was not described in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, in art, apocryphal writings devoted to this event were often used i.e. "The Book of the Dormition of Mary" from the 7th century, "The Book of Mary's Transition" from the 2nd century, or the "Golden Legend" by Jacobus de Varagine from the 13th century. The painting refers to compositions developed in Byzantine art, where the Mother of God, placed horizontally on the bed with her hands crossed on her chest, is surrounded by a group of apostles. Since the 15th century, this scene has been placed in an architectural interior by Dutch artists. At the top there is a red curtain hanging, suggesting that we are witnesses of the mystery that has just been unveiled before us.

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