Church of St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence's paish in Radziszów
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Agata Felczyńska

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The church in Radziszów was first mentioned in 1325. The current one was erected in the 15th century, however, it was burnt in 1844 and rebuilt until 1847, and consecrated again in 1857 by Bishop Alojzy Pukalski. In 1867, a new tabernacle made by master Otręba from Maków was founded. In 1916, a new balustrade was installed in front of the high altar. In the interwar period, the organ was renovated and the high altar was regilded. In 1992, the tower was renovated and the roofs were covered with sheet metal. In 1927, the walls were covered with polychrome designed by Franciszek Przebindowski and a stained glass window depicting the Madonna of Częstochowa was fitted. In 1939, an explosion broke all the windows in the church, including the mentioned stained glass. Another polychrome was made in 1950 according to drawings by Adam Witkowski (conservator and goldsmith from Kraków), and in the same year the church was electrified and the ceiling was replaced. In 1952, the polychrome of the chancel was supplemented, the Way of the Cross was renovated and the facade was repainted. In 1967 all the windows were replaced, in 1974 the polychrome was renewed, and in 1978 the oak panelling was installed and the tower was refurbished. In 1998, the churchporch, door, loft and sacristy were renovated. The current polychrome, including its earlier parts, was created in 1999–2000 and is the result of the work of a group of artists: Maria Augustynska, Jakup Gujda and Halina Wasyl under the direction of Krystyna Sokół-Gujda. In the same years, the interior and furnishings of the church were renewed. The tower damaged during the storm in 2007 was rebuilt in 2011.


The church of St. Lawrence in Radziszów was built in 1844-1847 on the foundations and preserving a part of the wall of the former church that was burnt. It was made in an economical, Josephine style and the construction was financed by Countess Halina Dzieduszycka. 17th century right side altar with the images of St. Catherine and St. Lawrence (made one century later), richly sculpted presenter's pew and 17th century baptismal font are the elements of the church furnishings that are worth noting.

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