St. Luke the Evangelist

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Justyna Kuska


The work is a part of a set of stained glass windows depicting evangelists, placed in four windows of the chancel of a temple in Bachowice. The exact date of their creation remains unknown. Most likely, they were made already after termination of World War II. The set of stained glass windows in Bachowice has neo-romanesque features and is characterised by a high level of workmanship and high artistic values. They were made in one of the most famous Cracovian workshop manufacturing stained-glass windows, i.e. in the Stained Glass Workshop S. G. Żeleński in Cracow. The work depicts St. Luke. He was a doctor and painter, according to tradition he painted portraits of the Virgin Mary. He is the author of one of the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles. In iconography, he is portrayed among four other evangelists, with an image of an ox. His attributes are also a book, parchment scroll, a painting palette and writing tools.

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