St. John Cantius' Mausoleum

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Józef Skrabski


The Mausoleum of St. John Cantius – a professor at the Cracow University, beatified in 1680 – was built in 1695-1700. Father Sebastian Piskorski was the author of the concept of the appearance of this building. The project was drawn by the royal painter, Jerzy Eleuter Szymonowic-Siemiginowski, while the work was created by Baltazar Fontana's workshop and stonemason, Jan Liskowicz. There are impersonations of four faculties of the University – Theology, Law, Medicine and Liberal Arts – in the centre, holding the coffin with the putto's statue surrounded by clouds, pointing with its right hand to the portrait of the saint, and, with its left hand, to the silver-plated sculpture of the Apocalyptic Lamb against an aureole. Twisted columns, supporting the statues of saints Johns – John the Baptist, John the Evangelist, John Cantius and John of Damascus, were placed around. The programme is complemented by frescoes depicting scenes from the life of the distinguished professor and Angelic Adoration by Karol Dankwart, complemented by Innocent Monti.

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