St. Peter

St. Nicolas' parish in Gorenice
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Justyna Kuska


The history of the sculpture in question is related to the history of the high altar in the church in Gorenice, and similarly to the aforementioned reredos - it remains unknown. The high altar in a temple in Gorenice was erected in 1731 during the reconstruction of the church carried out by Michał Stanisław Tarnowski and his wife Róża Sciborówna from Rylsko. The sculpture of St. Peter was probably also created at that time. The saint was not depicted in accordance with his traditional iconography. Saint Peter is usually depicted as an elderly man with grey, thinning hair in the forehead area and with a characteristic short, curly beard. In case of the figure in question, its physiognomic type, and the attribute in the form of a book could indicate the figure of one of the evangelists - Mark or Luke. Nevertheless, the attribute held in the right hand unambiguously identifies the figure of St. Peter.

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