Side altar

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish in Racławice Olkuskie
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Maria Działo


The altar of Crucifixion was funded in 1703 by father Andrzej Strzałkowski, which is documented by a caption at the foot of the cross „Altare Confraternitatis Pauperitatis Iesu An(n)o D(omi)ni 1703” and the crest of Szreniawa with letters „A. S. P. R" in the altar finial The funder of the altar and two other side altars in the church was the parish priest in Racławice in 1684-1704, whose epitaph plaque and portrait is located on the western wall of the church, under the music choir.
The altar has a structure of stylish features, similar to both side altars located in the nave. It is decorated with acanthus ornament, characteristic for the art of around 1700.

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