Risen Christ

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Maria Działo


The sculpture was probably made shortly before 1783, as evidenced by the visitation record from 1783 (informing about the new resurrection statue in the church in Czulice), as well as its stylish features in accordance with the trends prevailing in the Lesser Poland sculpture of the third quarter of the 18th century. Unfortunately, archival sources do not reveal the author of the work, an excellent sculptor, probably operating in Lesser Poland. It depicts the risen Christ who rose from the grave. It is used in a procession during the Resurrection mass, after which it is placed on the altar, where it is located until the Ascension Day.

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Maria Działo, "Risen Christ ", [in:] "The Sacred Lesser Poland Heritage", 2021, source:  https://sdm.upjp2.edu.pl/en/works/risen-christ-6

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