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Maria Działo


The pulpit was probably made by an anonymous employee of Antoni Gegenbaur in the second half of the 18th century. The author of the works often used a kind of self-plagiarism. The pulpit in question formally and iconographically is almost a repetition of the pulpit in the church in Sieciechowice. In the field of ornamentation, the anonymous helper of Antoni Gegenbaur used late Rococo motifs - usually lush and flaming rocaille with flowers, from which he built large, openwork compositions (such as handles in the back of the pulpit). Antoni Gegenbaur's workshop belongs to the South German current, characterising with high expression. In the Cracow sculpture, this trend was associated with the work of influential artists. Gegenbaur himself came to Cracow from Austria (probably with his assistant) in 1755, he died in 1773. These years is the period of his activity in Poland, and after his death - the independent work of his collaborator.

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