High altar

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Maria Działo


The high altar was built in 1965-1966 and designed by Wiktor Zin, who is also the author of most of the temple's furnishings. The main area houses the painting of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, transferred from the old temple. The work was painted from the foundation of Adam Niewiarowski of Niewirów – then owner of the Niegowić estate, according to tradition in 1610. In turn, the sliding panel has a picture depicting Pietà, painted on a brass plate, by Zdzisław Pabisiak (1922-2009). The author of the altar design is Wiktor Zin (1925-2007) – a Polish architect and professor at the Cracow University of Technology. Zin was employed by the parish in 1959 to carry out designs for the furnishings of the temple, which refer to then popular Piast and Jagiellonian traditions associated with the celebration of the millennium anniversary of the Baptism of Poland.

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