Visitation of St. Elisabeth

Detailed dimensions
Height without frame – 149 cm
Width without frame – 98 cm
Catalogue note author
Paulina Kluz


The painting with the scene of the Visitation of St. Elisabeth was funded by Elisabeth Ligęza of the Jordan family, around 1580. Probably it originally constituted the middle part of the former triptych. The painting depicts the scene of Mary's Visitation of St. Elisabeth described in the Gospel of St. Luke (Lk 1: 39-45), which was seen as a confirmation of the Incarnation and Motherhood of Mary. At the bottom of the painting, the funder herself with her first husband, Stanislaw Boner, and her children from her second marriage to Mikołaj Ligenza, are depicted. The painting was probably made by an artist from a Cracow school, however, the work shows very strong influences of German painting of that period.

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Paulina Kluz, "Visitation of St. Elisabeth", [in:] "The Sacred Lesser Poland Heritage", 2021, source:

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